Remi Kornalewski

F2J Reman

Technical Manager


Rémi Kornalewski is the Technical Manager of the F2J group. Mainly, his role is to work for productivity increase, protect the production tool, identify the new opportunities (process, product) and deploy it into the group.

He's passionate about technology in every domain. After his master’s degree focused on technology and innovation, Rémi started to work in a consumer production company as a project manager to reduce the non-quality costs and animate working groups of continuous improvement.

After that, he started to work in mechanical components remanufacturing in various roles always linked with the technical domain. Remanufacturing became his main professional interest as he is still working in this field 10 years later.


Technical Track 1: Advanced Technology Applications for Reman

With technologies constantly evolving, learn how these companies are continuously striving to supply more advanced and efficient products through new technology applications.