Don Lipkin

GE Research

Senior Principal Scientist


Dr. Don Lipkin serves as Senior Principal Scientist in the Structural Materials group at GE Research in Niskayuna, NY. Over his 20+ year career at GE, Don has developed a range of high-temperature materials and process technologies. These span superalloy turbine components, refractory alloys for ultra-high temperature applications, high-temperature metallic and ceramic coatings, component repair processes and high-value recycling technologies. Most recently, Don has been developing solutions to perform inspection and maintenance tasks from the inside of industrial equipment such as gas turbines and aircraft engines, minimizing the need for equipment disassembly. Don earned his B.S. in Materials Science from Northwestern University and his Ph.D. in Materials from University of California – Santa Barbara. His graduate work covered stress sensing for high-temperature (turbine) materials and fundamentals of interfacial adhesion and fracture.


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