Had a conflict with the date and had an unexpected trip to Europe

I had another event to attend to.

I had many things going on at the same time and couldnt figure out how to satisfy all, especially considering all of my others were out here in CA and AZ.

But also, FYI, I am probably 2 years away from being out of Reconditioning.

Hello, the agenda items this year did not fit in well with the Bobcat business. We invested a lot into field travel this year, so since the agenda didn't fit well it was hard to "sell" the trip to upper management.

I would have happily been there but for the conflict with a show in China. When the meeting is in September, I can squeeze them both in. Please let me know as soon as the next date is set, and I will do everything I can to make both happen. -- Tricia Judge

Prior Commitment. Could not make the date.

We routinely attend the MERA conference in Detroit. One conference per year is adequate. But, just so you know, we do consider the RIT conference every year and may attend based on work load and time available.


As you know, Don and I did not go this year but we, Nokia, sent 2 other folks - Lisa Enaire and Peter Mills. We could not justify sending 4 people.

I had a conflict that didn't allow me to attend this year.

For the last couple of years this conference has been scheduled on the same religious holiday.
That is a problem. Not sure why no one thought about that when the schedule was decided.

Date conflict with something else I do with family each fall.

Overall budget cuts, including travel was the only reason for non attendance,

I had a schedule conflict this year
Hope to attend next year