The RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference will convene for the seventh time in Chicago from September 10 to 12 this year. Since 2017, experts, innovators, and business leaders from across industry have made this event unlike any other, sharing ideas and insights dedicated entirely to making reman better and stronger.

See the level of thought leadership you’ll experience at WRC 2024—read these takeaways from previous conferences:

2023: “Want to cut carbon? Think like a remanufacturer.”

Conference Theme: Remanning for Sustainable Zero-Carbon Industry

Five lessons for any company looking for innovative ways to prosper in a carbon-free economy from the sixth conference.

2022: “New perspectives show remanufacturing’s full circular economy potential”

Conference Theme: Remanufacturing for Sustainable Future

The fifth conference looked at the remanufacturing industry in new ways to find pathways for growth through sustainability.

2021: “Five ways to foster a circular economy for electric vehicles

Conference Theme: Remanufacturing in the Post-Covid Economy and Beyond

Experts representing industry, U.S. trade policy, resource recovery, and sustainability research put the electric-vehicle revolution into perspective at the fourth WRC.

2019: “Changing how the world talks about remanufacturing”

Conference Theme: Disruptive Innovation

A common theme throughout the 2019 event’s presentations and discussions was the need for an international standard definition and terminology for remanufacturing.

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Registration is open for WRC 2024: Breakthrough Reman – Rethinking Operations, Technology, and Supply Chains.