Remanufacturing Site Tours

A day to discover the heart of Remanufacturing Country

Attendees of this year’s World Remanufacturing Conference are invited to learn firsthand how four leading remanufacturers in and around Springfield, Missouri, are transforming the industry. Each guided tour will provide an inside look at how these cutting-edge companies are moving reman forward to build a cleaner, more
profitable remanufacturing economy.

CNH Industrial Reman

Explore the difference between reman and rebuild as you learn the CNH Reman process from salvage to shipping, as advanced methods bring new life into Case and New Holland Ag and Construction equipment. Discover how CNH Reman’s commitment to innovation enhances products beyond their original state, ensuring unmatched quality. CNH Reman is committed to remanufacturing for a sustainable future including reducing waste, conserving resources, and reshaping industries toward a greener future.

John Deere Reman

During the John Deere Reman Electronics facility tour, attendees will see how remanufacturing plays a vital role in meeting the service needs of Ag, Construction and Forestry customers around the world while also supporting Deere & Company’s sustainability goals. Attendees will see how technicians access the underlying circuit boards using unique disassembly and cleaning practices. From there attendees will follow the core through solder, assembly, troubleshoot and test as the product is returned to a like-new condition.

SRC Logistics

SRC Logistics, Inc. is a trusted strategic partner for reverse logistics and returns management, specializing in integrated software solutions for the remanufacturing industry. With over 700,000 square feet, this brand new, state-of-the-art facility hosts the core management programs for eight customers from varying industries. At the facility tour, attendees will see the core management process in real-time, and will learn the importance of core management to the remanufacturing cycle.

Optional Add On Tour

BBB Industries

While touring the turbocharger remanufacturing facility at BBB Industries, attendees will see a highly flexible remanufacturing operation capable of extensive product diversity. This BBB facility specializes in a wide variety of turbocharger technologies used in commercial vehicle, passenger car, agricultural, and various industrial markets. Attendees will get a chance to see the facility’s processes from start to finish and witness BBB’s commitment to quality and sustainability.