About the World Remanufacturing Conference

A collaboration of the Remanufacturing Industry Council (RIC) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the conference is a platform for both seasoned and new remanufacturing professionals to make informed business decisions by sharing best practices, exploring new trends, and understanding the critical issues facing remanufacturers globally.

Remanning for a Sustainable Zero-Carbon Industry

The push to find real, profitable strategies for decarbonizing manufacturing is at full throttle—but is the remanufacturing industry ready? Learn firsthand from the thought leaders and business innovators who are answering this question at the 2023 World Remanufacturing Conference.

Attendees will explore the latest strategies and technologies for realizing reman’s potential as a building block for a carbon-free future. The three-day event will include thought-provoking keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and focused technical sessions, as well as in-depth guided tours of remanufacturing facilities in and around Springfield, Missouri, the heart of what is known as “Reman Country.”

Conference highlights will include:

+ MEASURING CARBON: How carbon accounting works, what tools companies use to do it, and what that means for remanners

+ INNOVATION THROUGH SUSTAINABILITY: Finding—and capitalizing on—opportunities for growth in the zero-carbon economy   

+ REMANNING THE ELECTRIC VEHICLE: The role reman could play as part of the decarbonized and electrified auto industry

+ GUIDED TOURS: A full day of in-person tours of John Deere Reman, SRC Logistics, CNH Industrial Reman, and BBB Industries