Non-Commercialism Policy

of the

RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference

Our goal is to provide attendees of the World Remanufacturing Conference (WRC) with the best experience possible. It is important that we ensure all presentations are focused on educating and informing attendees without appearing to be a sales pitch. To that end, we have developed the following guidelines for all presenters:

  • All presenters must use the official WRC PowerPoint Template.
  • Presenters may place their own company’s logo only on the first and last slides of the presentation.
  • Presentations must focus on providing attendees with information they can take back to their own companies to implement.
  • Any mention of a product must be referred to in generic terms (e.g. Event Tech Software). Any product may be discussed only as one of several solutions presented (e.g. “In planning an event, you can collect registrations through a form on your website, track the registrations on a spreadsheet, and manually enter contacts into your email marketing platform, or you can streamline the process by using an event tech software solution. A good event tech software will automate all of these chores and more. Examples of some functions an event tech software can automate for you include A, B, C, D, and E.”).
  • Speakers may include their contact information on the final slide of their presentation.
  • All presentations are property of the Remanufacturing Industries Council, unless “do not share” is indicated when the presentation is submitted.