Tim Millwood

Cummins, Inc.

Vice President, Global Manufacturing


Tim was appointed to Vice President – Global Manufacturing effective April 2018. Prior to that, Tim was Vice President - Procurement. He began his career with Cummins 27 years ago as an engineer in component machining for the Engine Business. In those 27 years, he has held a variety of engineering and purchasing roles in both the United States, as well as abroad in both Brazil and the UK. Between the years of 2011-2013, Tim was a member of the fourth Cummins Executive Development group (WIN7).

Tim’s leadership purpose is to provide organization, structure and insights to help people solve problems and succeed. He enjoys engaging in problems directly or through coaching opportunities with others, both at work and in his personal life. Working at Cummins, Tim had many leaders take time to share their experiences with him which has inspired him to “pay it forward.” Each year, Tim mentors many employees across his teams and other organizations. Sharing his experiences, insights and organization for personal and professional success provides great personal satisfaction to him as a leader.