About the World Remanufacturing Conference

A collaboration of the Remanufacturing Industry Council (RIC) and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the conference is a platform for both seasoned and new remanufacturing professionals to make informed business decisions by sharing best practices, exploring new trends, and understanding the critical issues facing remanufacturers globally.

A Sustainable & Profitable Future

The technology and sustainability transformations underway offer significant opportunities for remanufacturing industries. The conference organizing committee has selected the following themes for the sessions. All topics will be incorporated and sessions organized within the agenda, across the 2 conference days. 

  • Electrification. Speakers and sessions will help you gain firsthand insight on the global trends and the business outlook for the leading electric technologies, advanced powertrains, and new energy sources from exectutives at the leading OEMs, suppliers and fleet operators.\
  • Reverse Logistics & the Circular Economy. Speakers and sessions will focus on case studies, discussions and presentations around overcoming some key challenges of reverse logistics — predictability of quantity and quality of the resource stream to become a reliable feedstock, suitable return methods; and understanding the impact.
  • Value Retention Industries in Focus. Panel sessions will take two (2) “sector deep dive” to help attendees gain a deeper understanding and exchange of information, common challenges and best practices within specific remanufacturing industries.