Adam Shine


VP of Manitoba, Sunnking and Utility Recyclers International


Adam has worked in the recycling industry for over 10 years and grew up around it as he represents the fourth generation at Manitoba Corporation. One of his main responsibilities is running day to day operations at Sunnking Inc. which focuses on Electronics Recycling. Over the past several years Adam, along with others have helped Sunnking expand from processing 12 million lbs. annually to over 25 million lbs. in 2018, which required Sunnking to expand from a 140,000 square foot facility to a new state of the art 204,000 square foot facility with automated processing capabilities. Prior to entering the recycling industry Adam traveled globally selling and implementing software systems to five-star hotels and resorts. Adam has a love for all things technology and often tries to incorporate it in business where and when it makes sense. In his spare time Adam coaches his sons ice hockey team and enjoys time with his family. Adam also serves on the advisory board for Camp Good Days and Special times, an organization he cares about deeply.


Technical Track 4: Grow Your Business Through Innovative Partnerships & Collaboration

Moderated discussion where panelists will share the innovation challenges each of them experienced, and how they joined forces with peer companies, universities, or Manufacturing USA Institutes to rapidly solve problems and train employees at a fraction of the cost. Discussion will focus on the 1) the value of collaborative innovation, 2) different collaboration models/approaches, 3) how to identify potential collaborators, 4) keys to successfully managing collaborative innovation. Hear first-hand how organizations like yours leveraged collaborations to help them develop novel products, processes, services, and business models that impacted their top-line and bottom growth.